Life Raft for Coastal Use

shows life raft with thermal floor and survival items

Coastal life raft with thermal floor & necessities

Manufacturer SOS Marine of Australia serves navies and military markets around the world. We distribute the SOS Marine 2 man coastal life raft in the USA; it is well–made with great features. It is rated as a 2 man coastal life raft. Ideal life raft for center–console boats in coastal waters. Comes with valise. The thermal insulated floor helps protect you from hypothermia. Other 2-person coastal life rafts do not come stock with this feature. Even better, this raft is available with gear not offered with other coastal life rafts (see specifications). Click to specifications, photos or brochure. For aviation application, click to the aviation life raft for two persons.

Key Features

  • 2–man rating
  • Many gear options
  • Super lightweight
  • Self–inflating!
  • Thermal insulated floor
  • Tough laminated fabric
  • Water ballast pockets
  • Easy to stow

On This Page

3 people in coastal life raft

SOS Marine 2 man raft


  • Dimensions, packed: 20″ (500 mm) x 14″ (350 mm) x 4½″ (110 mm)
  • Weight: 16 (lbs (7.8 kgs)
  • Self–contained disposable 520 gram CO2 inflation system
  • Durable polyurethane–laminated 210 Denier nylon fabric.
  • Easy boarding via auto–inflated platform with ladder
  • Three water pockets automatically fill with 44 gallons (165 liters) of water
    • provide about 300 lbs of ballast (136 kg)
  • 10.3 ft2 (0.96 m2) interior with insulated thermal floor
  • 2 SOLAS lights
  • 117 inches2 (.075 m2) of SOLAS light–reflective tape
  • Survival Aids Included
    • large sea anchor / drogue
    • floating safety knife
    • throwing ring, on painter
    • air pump (to use if needed)
    • righting strap
    • bailer
    • waterproof bag
  • Optional Survival Aids (not included with other coastal life rafts)
    • signaling mirror
    • mini–flare kit
    • fresh water packet
    • 2 thermal aid space blankets
  • Optional canopy


Ballast pockets

Two man coastal liferaft valise

Packed in valise, the two man liferaft measures 20" x 14" x 4.5"

shows ballast pockets on bottom of life raft

Ballast pockets on bottom

The raft will inflate when thrown into the water. With all accessories, it fits into a compact valise for easy stowage.

Survivors of life raft rescues commonly describe rafts flipping over in high winds and seas. This survival raft features underwater ballast pockets (also called ballast bags) which provide about 300 pounds of capsize resistance. They automatically fill with water when the raft inflates. The bags also help deflect rubbing and bumping from curious sharks!


coastal life raft with canopy door open

SOS Marine coastal two man life raft with optional canopy

When You Need To, Throw This Life Raft In the Water

These photos show the coastal life raft doing its thing.


Replacement Parts and Spares

This coastal life raft uses a replaceable 520g CO2 cylinder which is not refillable. It uses the same dissolving pill bobbin and green plastic indicator tab as the dan buoy and many inflatable life jackets. The optional survival aids kit includes mini flare kit, 500 ml water pouch, signaling mirror, and two space blankets. Click to spare or replacement parts (including recharge kits) for your coastal two person life raft.


Service Manual

Download the coastal life raft service manual


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2 thoughts on “Life Raft for Coastal Use

  1. Hi, I met you at the Annapolis, MD show. Does the two man life raft handle three people, or do you have a three man life raft?

    • The two-man life raft is rated for two persons. Inflated, its interior has 10.3 square feet (0.96 square meters). Many marine life rafts offer 4 square feet per person. This raft offers just over 5 square feet per person. The competition’s 2 person life raft has 8.7 square feet (0.81 square meters), which just exceeds 4 square feet per person.

      We will soon be introducing a larger coastal life raft! For those interested in the two person coastal life raft, click to the 2 man coastal life raft comparison. Stay tuned for the launch of our new, larger coastal life raft!

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