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How do I read a pdf?
Adobe Reader software is available, free, for most operating systems. Get Reader or make sure you have the latest version.
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We’ve heard from some visitors about problems opening large *.pdf documents with IE. Please read the next line below.
Quick tip from Adobe is to save the pdf to your computer (to your desktop, perhaps), then open it with Reader. Remember to save the file somewhere you will easily find it!
Want more technical pdf info?
Here is pdf help from Brookhaven National Lab.
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  1. I own a Dan Buoy and need to purchase a recharge kit. I see on your website you sell two – UML and Halkey–Roberts. My Dan Buoy originally came with the UML inflation mechanism. Can I switch to Halkey–Roberts?

    • No, you can’t switch and you don’t want to. We switched away from the Halkey–Roberts valve because, in high humidity conditions, they would sometimes auto inflate. I spoke to HR about the problem and asked if they were planning to resolve the issue and they said no. We switched back to UML which, on a world scale, is used far more than HR.

      Thank you for asking the question. We have also added an FAQ for others who may ask the same question.

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