inflatable dan buoy

Man overboard's best friend

This dan buoy is a proven life saver.

We are the US importer of the award winning SOS Marine self-inflating man overboard buoy, or dan buoy, from Australia. It automatically deploys upon submersion in water. To trigger deployment, just toss it into the water immediately upon losing a crew overboard. Just Throw! Within seven seconds, the buoy self–inflates. This highly visible device makes keeping track of a man overboard far easier. Click to videos, documents, and accessories.

Key Features

  • High day / night visibility
  • Fast 7 second inflation
  • Compact
  • SOLAS strobe light
  • Oversized drogue
  • ISAF World Sailing conforming
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Award winning
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Open top view of Reelsling being withdrawn from mounting bag

Reelsling withdrawn for use to recover MOB

Reelsling is a man overboard recovery device for everyday boaters. It helps you draw an MOB back alongside a boat, then lift him back onboard. It is best suited to retrieve a fully conscious, uninjured crew day or night. It has abundant SOLAS light–reflective tape around its perimeter to enhance findability by searchlight. It has a whistle for signaling. Soft, comfy foam –filled buoy provides positive flotation and doubles as a lifting harness to help you get your crew aboard.

Key Features

  • Day / night visibility
  • Fast deployment
  • 21 pounds buoyancy
  • SOLAS light reflective tape
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • Stainless steel D–rings
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Use as lifting harness
  • Has whistle
  • 160′ floating rescue line absorbs no water
  • Light reflective strand in rescue line
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shows life raft with thermal floor and survival items

Coastal life raft with thermal floor & necessities

Manufacturer SOS Marine of Australia serves navies and military markets around the world. We distribute the SOS Marine 2 man coastal life raft in the USA; it is well–made with great features. It is rated as a 2 man coastal life raft. Ideal life raft for center–console boats in coastal waters. Comes with valise. The thermal insulated floor helps protect you from hypothermia. Other 2-person coastal life rafts do not come stock with this feature. Even better, this raft is available with gear not offered with other coastal life rafts (see specifications). Click to specifications, photos or brochure. For aviation application, click to the aviation life raft for two persons.

Key Features

  • 2–man rating
  • Many gear options
  • Super lightweight
  • Self–inflating!
  • Thermal insulated floor
  • Tough laminated fabric
  • Water ballast pockets
  • Easy to stow
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Please visit Just Marine at the 2016 Annapolis Fall Sailboat Show, also known as the United States Sailboat Show. We will return to Booth D-17 with the dan buoy, the ReelSling, the Recovery Ladder, and the 2 man coastal life raft, all from SOS Marine of Australia.

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photo of Teena Clipston on cover of cruising lifestyle publication

First edition cover of Behind the Scenes cruising lifestyle newsletter from CruiserTV

CruiserTV has published its first newsletter about cruisers and the cruising lifestyle. This June/July 2016 issue of Behind the Scenes includes the April 2016 Ensenada Race MOB rescue story, as told by the crew of Foil who saved their shipmate’s life with the dan buoy.

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What Is Helicopter Rescue Like?

Watch this if you have wondered, what’s it like to be hoisted to safety by a US Coast Guard search and rescue team? This is a practice drill by professional rescue personnel using a reporter as their survivor.

MOB Is Hard to See

The film shows several perspectives looking down at the water from a USCG rescue helicopter. Note how hard it is to see the MOB. And these rescuers knew where to look for him. Our dan buoy would have made easier the job of finding him.

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