Does Dan Buoy Satisfy World Sailing MOB Pole Requirements?


danbuoy attachment points

Dan buoy attachment points

World Sailing (formerly ISAF) requires sailing yachts in race categories 0, 1, or 2 to carry at least two man overboard marking devices, or Lifebuoys, {OSR § 4.22.2}. Both of these MOB markers must have a satchet of fluorescein dye {OSR § 4.22.2 (c)}.

The dan buoy drogue attaches to grommet and swivel at the dan buoy’s base. For easy attachment of additional devices such as the flourescein dye packet, the SOS Marine dan buoy has an extra grommet attachment point at its base (see photo) so a short length of line may be used to attach one.

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man overboard dan buoy with flexible PVC mounting bag

Dan Buoy with Dan Bag Holder

 Click to the full text of the ISAF World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations:

World Sailing Race Event Categories Described

Your race category helps you determine what special training and equipment is required. Race category descriptions below come from OSR Section 2. Look up man overboard recovery equipment requirements for your race category.

ISAF Race Category
Race Category 0
…Trans-oceanic races, including races which pass through areas in which air or sea temperatures are likely to be less than 5°C (41°F) other than temporarily, where boats must be completely self–sufficient for very extended periods of time…
Race Category 1
…Races of long distance and well offshore, where boats must be completely self–sufficient for extended periods of time…
Race Category 2
…Races of extended duration along or not far removed from shorelines or in large unprotected bays or lakes, where a high degree of self-sufficiency is required…
Race Category 3
…Races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines…
Race Category 4
…Short races, close to shore in relatively warm or protected waters normally held in daylight…
Race Category 5
from OSR Appendix B
…Short races, close to shore in relatively warm and protected waters where adequate shelter and/or effective rescue is available all along the course, held in daylight…
Race Category 6
from OSR Appendix C
…Short races, close to shore in relatively warm and protected waters in daylight and good visibility only, where participating boats can be observed by race organizers at all times, and rescue boats, of suitable design, with trained first aid personnel, are available all along the course

The Offshore Special Regulations specify that the man overboard buoys, shall be provided within reach of the helmsman and ready for instant use (OSR § 4.22). Take a look at dan buoy mounting options to help you comply.

The dan buoy includes:

  • A SOLAS–compliant self–igniting strobe (OSR § 4.22.1 & § 4.22.2)
  • SOLAS retro–reflective / light reflecting tape (OSR § 4.18)
  • A (larger than typical) drogue (OSR § 4.22.1 & § 4.22.2), and
  • Whistle {OSR § 4.22.2 (a)}

which are also requirements. All–in–one self–contained design; Just Throw!

When the dan buoy inflates in about seven seconds, the eight foot long streamer at the top of the dan buoy flies six feet above the water; this satisfies the flag requirement {OSR § 4.22.2 (b)}. The dan buoy also meets US SAILING USSSER requirements, as described in our FAQ.

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2 thoughts on “Does Dan Buoy Satisfy World Sailing MOB Pole Requirements?

    • …is not recommended!

      Racing authorities such as World Sailing (formerly known as ISAF) and US Sailing thoughtfully prepare safety at sea requirements for racing yachts. The USCG advocates safe, smart boating habits. But it is up to skipper and crew to convert rules and requirements into smart choices.

      Practice safe habits so they do not require thought. The reason more people do not practice an MOB drill is not that they have never heard the suggestion. MOB is a tough mistake to make because recovery is not guaranteed.

      Going overboard with a life jacket has to be better than without, right? Having a dan buoy thrown to you, to lead rescuers back, and give you additional flotation, improves your odds of recovery even more.

      It’s up to you to help turn the odds in your favor.

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