2 Man Coastal Life Raft

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Life Raft by SOS Marine

Here is an affordable, lightweight, complete 2 man coastal life raft in valise. It is rated for two persons, but see the photos. This survival raft compares favorably to the competition. Scroll down for description and specifications. It is well suited to carry on center–console boats in coastal waters. Please contact us for quantity pricing, for purchase of four or more units.

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When your center–console boat is sinking beneath you, step up into this life raft. This complete coastal life raft in a small valise from SOS Marine has got it all at an affordable price. And it weighs just 16 pounds (18 pounds shipping weight). Though it’s lightweight, it is durable. It could be just the right survival raft for you. Its three underwater pockets fill with 44 gallons of water. This provides about 300 pounds of ballast to keep the occupants sunny side up. See how these ballast bags compare to the competition’s. It offers a thermal insulated floor not found on other life rafts of its class. It comes with 117 square inches of SOLAS light reflective tape and two SOLAS self–igniting lights. Click to a complete description of this life raft. This product comes complete with necessary CO2 cylinder which is easily replaceable.

Additional Options Available

extra survival aids for coastal life raft

Extra safety options

coastal life raft for center console runabouts

Optional canopy

A canopy is available, as is a recharge kit and a kit of extra survival aids.

2 Man Life Raft for Coastal Boating

A Slightly Different Model For Aviation is Available

This life raft is intended for coastal sailing and powerboat use. It is substantially the same as our 2 man aviation life raft, except with respect to automatic inflation. Automatic inflation occurs when the raft, in valise, is submerged in water. Be sure to remove the unit from inside a sinking vessel before automatic inflation occurs!

Service Manual

Download the coastal life raft service manual


Do you know why CO2 is commonly used to inflate life rafts?

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Additional information

Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 4.5 in
Metric Dimensions (Packed)

Length: 500 mm, Width: 350 mm, Height: 110 mm

Metric Weight

7.8 kg

Interior Size

11 ft² (0.96 m²)

Ballast pocket capacity

44 gallons (165 litres) or about 300 pounds (136 kg)

Person capacity


Survival equipment

Survival Aids (not usually included with coastal life rafts; additional aids also available as options): ◦large sea anchor / drogue ◦floating safety knife ◦throwing ring, on painter ◦air pump (to use if needed) ◦righting strap ◦bailer ◦waterproof bag

Optional extra survival aids

◦Mini flare kit ◦signaling mirror ◦space blankets (2) ◦water (500ml)


30′ (9.1 m)

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  1. Chuck Davis

    I’ve had this raft for just over a year. You usually only need to inflate a life raft in an emergency, but mine inflated inadvertently while the boat was in dry storage. This was great because I got to inspect the raft in minute detail before recharging and repackaging it.

    I inflated the raft in my basement at home to inspect it for leaks before putting it back in the boat. The raft stayed inflated for over two weeks with no loss of air. The material is sturdy and the workmanship was excellent. I am really pleased with how complete the package is. They really have thought of everything.

    For my boat I am not required to carry a life raft. We chose to have the life raft on board after seeing how many drownings there are where we fish near Petersburg, Alaska. The Coast Guard rescue helicopter has to come from Sitka which is a 45 minute run in the best of circumstances. It doesn’t take that long to die in the fast currents and cold water.

    Just Marine has a great product and Philip Thompson is great to work with.

    I have included an ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon as part of my emergency ditch kit and plan to make it home even in an emergency.

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