Safety at Sea on Your Boat

craig and kjersti williams and family

Craig Williams and family

The staff at Just Marine is saddened by the loss of Craig Williams in the Islands Race last weekend off the southern California coast. A fund for his family has been established by his friends. To show your support, please make a donation.

Just Marine has contributed in Craig's memory and will contribute an additional $50.00 for each SOS Dan Buoy purchased via our website from today through June 30th.

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We all must strive to raise consciousness about safety at sea every day to minimize the potential for further marine tragedies. The man overboard survival statistics are surprising; please take a look at them.

As a marine safety company we ask: How long has it been since you bought your safety at sea gear or turned a critical eye toward it? Safety at Sea is not just keeping the right gear onboard, but also proactively training for emergency. Here is how you can help!

Improve Your Safety at Sea

  1. Conduct regular safety drills on your boat. See the ISAF World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations.
    • In the OSR, see Appendix G for a model offshore safety training course
  2. Look critically at your safety at sea gear. Of each piece, ask yourself:
    • Is it the best available?
    • What if YOUR life were suddenly to depend on it?
    • Is it in good condition, ready to deploy?
    • Is anything missing?
    • Is new technology available?
    • Have Safety at Sea requirements changed since you bought your gear?
  3. Whatever you discover, take action on it. Make it right, now.

Even if you are not a competitive racing sailor, see what you can learn from the ISAF World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for racing yachts and from other sources in print and online.

Nobody else can do these things for you. With your homework done, next time you get underway you’ll have peace of mind and you’ll be better prepared.

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