Please visit Just Marine at the 2016 Annapolis Fall Sailboat Show, also known as the United States Sailboat Show. We will return to Booth D-17 with the dan buoy, the ReelSling, the Recovery Ladder, and the 2 man coastal life raft, all from SOS Marine of Australia.

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What Is Helicopter Rescue Like?

Watch this if you have wondered, what’s it like to be hoisted to safety by a US Coast Guard search and rescue team? This is a practice drill by professional rescue personnel using a reporter as their survivor.

MOB Is Hard to See

The film shows several perspectives looking down at the water from a USCG rescue helicopter. Note how hard it is to see the MOB. And these rescuers knew where to look for him. Our dan buoy would have made easier the job of finding him.

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Beercan Racer–Overboard!

Unless it’s practice, you will not get to pick the best possible time and place to end up as an MOB. If you had that opportunity, you might prefer to go overboard during a late summer beercan race in southern California, in the protected waters of Newport Harbor.

You might arrange it so there is a jib sheet ready to grab as you fall over the side, and, if possible, keep most of your hair dry, and not lose your sunglasses. Oh, yeah, and daylight; going overboard in daylight would be a lot better than going over at night. If you could stay within passing distance of a sandwich or a beer at all times, that would be good.

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