Man Overboard Recovery for Sailboats


Sea Scoopa for Sailboats

Sea Scoopa is purpose–engineered for man overboard recovery. Please contact us with topsides dimensions of your sailboat so we may fabricate Sea Scoopa suited to your sailboat.

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Recover man overboard – sailboat

Check out the Sea Scoopa for sailboats. Sea Scoopa makes quick, easy, safe work of getting a man overboard back onboard. This sailboat model utilizes mast, winch, and halyard for heavy lifting. It smartly makes the job easier by using a parbuckle which delivers mechanical advantage. Lower the halyard then use the Sea Scoopa to scoop the person out of the water. The leading edge of Sea Scoopa has chain sewn inside so it sinks below the man overboard. Whether the overboard crew is injured, unconscious, or oil–covered and slippery, as you crank the halyard up, the device easily, quickly, recovers the crew. It’s man overboard recovery made easy! This is another award–winning product from SOS Marine. Horizontal recovery from the water of a man overboard has the highest survival rate. Learn more about this man overboard recovery innovation from the complete description, videos, photos, documents and more.

This is Sea Scoopa for Sailboats

Sea Scoopa for powerboats is a different device which uses similar principles of design adapted to use by two crew who can recover a man overboard while they remain on the rescuing boat. Learn about Sea Scoopa for powerboats here.
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