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This is the bright and versatile Remix LED headlamp, manufactured by Princeton Tec in the USA. A splashproof LED headlamp, Remix is rated IPX4; full submersion is not recommended. Its single regulated Maxbright LED provides a powerful spot beam AND its three regulated Ultrabright LEDs give wide angle red light for proximity and task work with minimal night vision impact. Proprietary heatsink technology and circuit voltage regulation allow the LEDs to burn brighter and longer. The Remix LED headlamp is compatible with alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable NiCad and NiMH batteries.

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Princeton Tec Remix headlamp review; video credit: Pteclights. Content is dated. Today, this headlamp is no longer the brightest Princeton Tec headlamp.
  • The Maxbright LED provides a tightly focused spotlight for distance illumination (up to 75m / high power).
  • This headlamp is rated IPX4 by IED standard (splash safe, not waterproof, submersion not recommended).
  • 3 AAA size alkaline batteries included, although lithium, or rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries may be used.
  • Maxbright LED emits white light
    • Spot beam
    • High and low power modes
  • Three Ultrabright LEDs emit red light
    • Flood lighting (wide angle)
    • High and low power modes
  • Pivoting mount on asymmetric arm bracket with adjustable elastic headband
    • Vertically pivot light downward or upward to suit

Remix Waterproof LED Headlamp Specifications

Output100 lumens
Lamp(s)1 Maxbright LED
3 Ultrabright LEDs (emit red light)
Overall burn time
discontinuous use
(alkaline batteries)
1 Maxbright LED @ low power53 hours1, 2, 3
1 Maxbright LED @ high power28 hours
3 Ultrabright LEDs @ low (red)200 hours
3 Ultrabright LEDs @ high power (red)61 hours
Batteries3 AAA alkaline (LR03, included), lithium (L92), or rechargeable NiCad, NiMH
Battery state LEDnone
HeadbandPivoting mount, adjustable elastic headband
Waterproof ratingIPX4splash safe
Weight2.93 oz (83 grams)
UL ratingunrated
UL classificationunrated
UL temp codeunrated
1 Burn time is the duration of time the headlamp emits 0.25 lux at 2 meters. 0.25 lux is equivalent to the light of the full moon on a clear night.
2 Burn times shown here assume fresh batteries and use at one power setting for duration of test.
3 Alkaline batteries provide higher light output than NiCad or NiMH rechargeable batteries due to their higher voltage.
4 Please read user manual (see below).

Operating the Remix Headlamp

These instructions are intended not to replace, but to complement, information shown in the official Remix LED headlamp user manual from manufacturer Princeton Tec.

switch on LED headlamp

LED headlamp switch

The photo at left shows the headlamp’s power switch (marked A). With the unit on your head, the switch is located on the headlamp’s topside. This is convenient for index finger action with opposing thumb on the headlamp’s bottom. When you turn the headlamp on, the single white Maxbright LED lights in spot light mode at low power. A two–second press switches off the spot and switches on wide angle flood lighting of the three red Ultrabright LEDs.

Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

Red wide–beam LEDs

  • Switch A does everything
    • Controls the single white Maxbright spot LED
      • Selects low or high power spot
    • Switches between spot and flood modes
    • Controls the three red Ultrabright flood LEDs
      • Selects low or high power flood
    • Turns unit off

Operating Modes

This LED headlamp will operate in red light mode or white light mode, but not simultaneously in both modes. Green rings in the illustration depict the illumination state, not actual color. The single Maxbright LED puts out bright white light. The three Ultrabright LEDs put out red light.

Spot light mode (white light)
  • Depress A once - 1 Maxbright LED on low
  • Depress A twice - 1 Maxbright LED on high
Switching Between Spot and Flood Lighting
  • Depress A 2 seconds - switch between spot and flood modes
Flood light mode (red light)
  • Depress A once - 3 red Ultrabright LEDs on low
  • Depress A twice - 3 red Ultrabright LEDs on high

To turn off the headlamp, press and hold the switch (A) for about two seconds.

Documents and Manuals

  • Download the Remix headlamp User Manual (in English, Français, and Deutsch)
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