2 Man Aviation Life Raft


Aviation Life Raft

Here is an affordable, lightweight, complete aviation life raft for use by aircraft not required to carry a life raft, for the peace of mind of having a life raft aboard. It is lightweight, packed in compact valise, and manufactured by SOS Marine. This life raft is not manufactured to TSO and has no FAA approval. It is rated for two persons. See below for description and specifications. Please contact us for quantity pricing, for purchase of four or more units.

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When your Cessna 152 light aircraft or Robinson R22 helicopter has crashed and is sinking beneath you, climb up into this life raft. This aviation life raft in a small valise from SOS Marine has what you’ll need at an affordable price. It weighs just 16 pounds (18 pounds shipping weight). Though it’s lightweight, it is durable, and it could be just the right life raft for you. Its three underwater pockets fill with 44 gallons (165 liters) of water providing about 300 pounds of ballast to keep the raft upright in waves and wind. It offers a thermal insulated floor not found on other life rafts of its class. It comes with 117 square inches of SOLAS light reflective tape and two SOLAS lights. Click to a complete description of this life raft. This product comes complete with necessary CO2 cylinder which is easily replaceable after use.

Additional Options Available

extra survival aids for coastal life raft

Extra safety options

coastal life raft for center console runabouts

Optional canopy

A canopy is available, as is a recharge kit and a kit of extra survival aids.

2 Man Life Raft for Aviation

Similar to Coastal Life Raft for Marine Use

This aviation life raft is substantially the same as our 2 man coastal marine life raft, except with respect to how automatic inflation is implemented. On this aviation model, automatic deployment of the life raft inside the plane would be counter-productive, should the plane crash and commence sinking. Therefore, the aviation model will not inflate until the waterproof white safety cap is removed from the automatic inflation mechanism.

Remove White Safety Cap Before Deploying Raft

remove white safety cap to deploy aviation liferaft

White Safety Cap

Leave the safety cap in place on the life raft until you have gotten the raft outside of your sinking aircraft. The white safety cap is intended to prevent inflation of the raft inside your plane's fuselage. Once outside, remove the white safety cap to enable inflation to proceed.

Service Manual

Download the coastal life raft service manual


Do you know why CO2 is commonly used to inflate life rafts?

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Additional information

Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 4.5 in
Metric Dimensions (Packed)

Length: 500 mm, Width: 350 mm, Height: 110 mm

Metric Weight

7.8 kg

Interior Size

11 ft² (0.96 m²)

Ballast pocket capacity

44 gallons (165 litres) or about 300 pounds (136 kg)

Person capacity


Survival equipment

Survival Aids (not usually included with other maker's coastal life rafts; additional aids are available options): ◦large sea anchor / drogue ◦floating safety knife ◦throwing ring, on painter ◦air pump (to use if needed) ◦righting strap ◦bailer ◦waterproof bag

Optional extra survival aids

◦Mini flare kit ◦signaling mirror ◦space blankets (2) ◦water (500 ml)


Not manufactured to TSO and has no FAA rating or certification.


30′ (9.1 m)


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