2 Man Coastal Life Raft Comparison

Revere and SOS Marine Coastal Life Rafts comparison

2 Man Coastal Life Rafts Compared

We compare the SOS Marine 2 man coastal life raft to the Revere Coastal Compact 2 two person life raft. In this 2 man coastal life raft comparison we show specifications and photos of the two life rafts side by side so key differences are easy to see. For aviation application, click to the coastal aviation life raft for two persons.

Common Features

  • 2–man rating
  • Coastal use only
  • Under 20 lbs weight
  • Easy to stow
  • Water ballast pockets
  • High-vis yellow
  • About US $1,000
  • Reusable

2 Man Coastal Life Raft Specifications

CriteriaRevere Coastal Compact 2SOS Marine 2 Man Coastal Life Raft
Top photorevere 2 man coastal life raft2 man coastal life raft with thermal floor
Bottom photobottom of Revere coastal life raft showing ballast pocketscoastal life raft ballast pockets
Rating2 person coastal use2 person coastal use
Occupants phototwo people in revere coastal life raft3 people in coastal life raft
Packed size
L″ x W″ x H″ (mm)
19½″ x 10″ x 5″ (495 x 254 x 127)20″ x 14″ x 4½″ (500 x 350 x 110)
Inflated size
L″ x W″ x H″ (mm)
58″ x 58″ x 9″ (1473 x 1473 x 228)63″ x 63″ x 10″ (1600 x 1600 x 254)
Interior area, ft2 (m2)8.7 (0.81)10.3 (0.96)
Weight, lbs. (kg)14.5 (6.6)16 (7.8)
Containeryellow valiseorange-red valise
Valise Photorevere life raft in valiseSOS Marine life raft stowed in valise
Auto-inflationno – must pull lanyardyes
Inflation gas460 gram CO2 cylinder520 gram CO2 cylinder (included) (buy spare or replacement, or buy complete recharge kit)
Ballast pocket displacement, lbs (kg) of seawaterClaimed: 2 x 200 (91), total 400 (181)
Measured: 2 x 143 (65), total 286 (130) (see note)
Claimed 3 x 100 (45), total 300 (136)
Measured: 3 x 93 (42), total 280 (127) (see note)
Price (US $)Click to buy $999.99Click to buy $1050950
Boarding accessibilityfootstrapadditional boarding float and webbing ladder
Boarding access photocoastal life raft boardinglife raft ladder
Self-igniting lights (strobe)one, not SOLAS ratedtwo, SOLAS rated (buy spare or replacement)
Strobe photocoastal life raft strobestrobes will water activate but can be manually controlled
SOLAS light-reflective tapenoneyes, 117 inches2 (.075 m2)
Insulated thermal floornoyes
Large light reflective surfacenofloor
Sea anchor / drogue L″ x W″ x H″ (mm)15″ x 12″ x 6″ (400 x 300 x 150)47″ by 23 ½″ x 3″ (1200 x 600 x 76)
SOS Marine dan buoy comes with a large drogue

Our drogue vs. theirs

or buy spare or replacement)
Safety knifeyes
yes, with floating handle (view)

life raft safety knife with floating handle

Life raft floating safety knife

Air pumpyesyes
Righting strapnoyes
Dry bagnoyes
Painter & Rescue ringyesyes
Pressure relief valveyesyes
Optional items (available for extra fee)
yes, (view or buy)

life raft with canopy

Optional life raft canopy

Mini-flare kitnoyes
Signaling mirrornoyes
Survival water pouchnoyes
Thermal reflective aids (space blankets)noyes
Revere claims the Coastal Compact 2 has double 200 lb. ballast bags; our weighing test suggests otherwise, at least on the Coastal Compact 2
Larger models do have some light reflective tape, but the Revere Coastal Compact 2 man raft has none
SOS Marine claims the 2 man coastal life raft provides 300 lb. of ballast; our weighing test shows nearly so
These items can be purchased as a kit, survival aid extras for the coastal life raft



The Revere Coastal Compact 2 life raft comes with a single webbing footstrap to help you board. Better yet, the SOS Marine 2 man coastal life raft has both a boarding float and webbing ladder to facilitate entry from the water. The SOS Marine raft boarding float, outboard of the flotation tube, helps support the entering survivor to minimize submerging the flotation tube which can swamp the raft as someone boards.

Showing Revere Coastal Compact 2 Person Life Raft and SOS Marine 2 Man Coastal Life Raft.


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4 thoughts on “2 Man Coastal Life Raft Comparison

    • Only commercial-use coastal life rafts require USCG approval for carriage on commercial vessels (typically operating for hire). The price of such life rafts begins at three times the price of this life raft. A coastal life raft such as this is intended for use in areas where you are not more than a day from rescue. In other words, this is the life raft for the 90% of people who do 90% of their boating within sight of the coast.

  1. Are these rafts approved for use in Canada, non coastal use, but still require SOLAS and DOT approval for commercial needs.

    • Hi Tom, these rafts do not have any approvals anywhere. They are designed / manufactured to be affordable to the wide boating public rather than the more expensive US Coast Guard or similar approved versions. I have sold some to Canadian corporations who need to fulfill some type of employment safety requirement associated with the oil industry, not sure if that helps or not. The manufacturing quality is held to ISO standards.

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