Man Overboard Recovery Gear

MOB crew being horizontally lifted from water

New affordable SOS Marine™ Recovery Ladder™: MOB climbs ladder, or you parbuckle lift (shown)

In this article, we compare MOB recovery gear. Devices vary in ease of use and suitability for a particular rescue. Having the right gear improves odds of rescue. Practice helps too!

A soft device, rather than a swimstep or rigid boarding ladder, reduces chance of injury when the boat rolls.

Some units retrieve non–hypothermic crew by hoisting head first.1  Lifesling and Reelsling are examples of this type of device.

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2 Man Coastal Life Raft Comparison

Revere and SOS Marine Coastal Life Rafts comparison

2 Man Coastal Life Rafts Compared

We compare the SOS Marine 2 man coastal life raft to the Revere Coastal Compact 2 two person life raft. In this 2 man coastal life raft comparison we show specifications and photos of the two life rafts side by side so key differences are easy to see. For aviation application, click to the coastal aviation life raft for two persons.

Common Features

  • 2–man rating
  • Coastal use only
  • Under 20 lbs weight
  • Easy to stow
  • Water ballast pockets
  • High-vis yellow
  • About US $1,000
  • Reusable
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Coastal Life Raft Ballast Bags Comparison

Revere claims SuperRev ballast bags provide double 200 lb water ballast for its Coastal Compact life rafts (cited). What does double 200 lb mean? We were skeptical that these Revere ballast bags provide 400 pounds of seawater ballast. So, for a fun exercise, we grabbed our scale and turned on the hose to see what we could learn.

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