Reelsling™ MOB Recovery Device

Open top view of Reelsling being withdrawn from mounting bag

Reelsling withdrawn for use to recover MOB

Reelsling is a man overboard recovery device for everyday boaters. It helps you draw an MOB back alongside a boat, then lift him back onboard. It is best suited to retrieve a fully conscious, uninjured crew day or night. It has abundant SOLAS light–reflective tape around its perimeter to enhance findability by searchlight. It has a whistle for signaling. Soft, comfy foam –filled buoy provides positive flotation and doubles as a lifting harness to help you get your crew aboard.

Key Features

  • Day / night visibility
  • Fast deployment
  • 21 pounds buoyancy
  • SOLAS light reflective tape
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • Stainless steel D–rings
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Use as lifting harness
  • Has whistle
  • 160′ floating rescue line absorbs no water
  • Light reflective strand in rescue line

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Hoist Hypothermic MOB Horizontally!

The Reelsling is best suited to recovering a fit, able, non–hypothermic, conscious MOB from the water. It can help you pull any conscious crew to alongside your vessel, regardless of how you then recover that person from the water.

Be advised! Vertical hoist of an MOB who is hypothermic, with his head up, feet down, using Lifesling or Reelsling, can induce circum–rescue collapse, which is life–threatening. This was discovered after studying attempted rescues of downed pilots in WW II. These otherwise healthy men had been hypothermic at time of (vertical lift) rescue, whereupon they died in higher than expected numbers, for no apparent reason.

The lesson learned is: Hoist hypothermic crew horizontally (or sideways)!

It is tempting to buy one MOB recovery device and think you are all set. Some devices are better suited than others to particular rescues. In some rescue circumstances, using the wrong gear can have life–threatening consequences.

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.
Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966

When the moment comes to quickly recover your crew from the water, ensure you have matched the recovery method and gear to the rescue circumstances.

Effective Rescue a Series of Steps

Train and equip for each step in rescuing your MOB as though you are that overboard crew! How will the person left on deck deal with your swim break? The dan buoy is an MOB marker. It will help you quickly return to your overboard crew. But quickly finding your MOB is only the first step in getting him back onboard. The MOB survivors we have spoken with cite substantial challenge in reboarding vessels without proper gear to aid getting aboard.

MOB Recovery Gear Comparison

We put together a Man Overboard Recovery Gear comparison page to help you evaluate MOB recovery options.

Use Instructions

How to use Reelsling

Use Instructions for SOS Marine Reelsling

Use instructions are clearly printed in English on the Reelsling mounting bag.





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