Dan Buoy Recharge Kit (UML, Halkey Roberts)

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inflatable lifejacket recharge kit also used for dan buoy recharge kit

UML inflation mechanism (click for larger)

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These kits recharge the dan buoy as well as inflatable life jackets with UML Pro Sensor Mark 2 OR Halkey-Roberts V90000 / Alpha Inflator inflation mechanisms.

inflatable lifejacket recharge kit also used for dan buoy recharge kit

Halkey-Roberts inflation mechanism (click for larger)

Using the parts in this kit, servicing your SOS Marine dan buoy is recommended every third year whether or not you have deployed it. Below, select your unit’s inflation mechanism, then click Add to cart to purchase the appropriate recharge kit for your product.

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Your complete recharge kit includes:

Some surfers buy our recharge kits for big wave flotation vests or wet suits. This recharge kit includes the parts you need to service your SOS Marine dan buoy after use in training or rescue deployment. Every third year replacement of these parts is suggested, whether or not you have deployed the buoy; you can easily install these parts yourself.

Please Buy More Than One

Your dan buoy or inflatable life jacket can save someone’s life, and not just once! Practice deployment. You will not regret it. Have spare recharge kits on hand; the inflatable dan buoy and inflatable life jacket are reusable, but only if you have spare recharge kits on hand.

How it Works

After you throw the dan buoy into the water, a rapidly dissolving part in the cartridge or bobbin dissolves within seconds. This is microcrystalline cellulose in the Halkey–Roberts model; a paper disk is used in the UML model. Until it dissolves, this dissolvable part restrains a spring loaded mechanism capable of puncturing the CO2 cylinder. When the CO2 cylinder is punctured, the gas within is released into your dan buoy or life jacket. Within seven seconds, the SOS Marine dan buoy self inflates. For complete dan buoy information, including a user manual with servicing instructions, click to the man overboard buoy page.

Product Literature

From manufacturer Halkey-Roberts, here is more information on the dissolving pill bobbin.


Check the FAQs for answers to questions about the dan buoy.


If Just Marine shipped your dan buoy in the USA before 2014-12-01, your dan buoy has the Halkey–Roberts mechanism; if shipped after 2014-12-01, your dan buoy has the UML inflation mechanism.

Rearming Videos

These videos show rearming procedure on inflatable life jackets which use the same inflation mechanisms as the dan buoy uses. Rearming procedure is same as for dan buoy.

How to Rearm Halkey-Roberts V90000 / Alpha Inflator

How to Rearm UML Pro Sensor Mark 2

Is This Charged?

One glance reveals whether your dan buoy is ready to throw. Green means ready to use.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6 × 1.75 in
Dimensions (metric)

162 x 150 x 45 mm

Inflation mechanism

UML, Halkey-Roberts

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