Danbuoy Strobe Test and Replacement

dan buoy strobe in place

Dan Buoy with SOLAS strobe

As part of your annual man overboard gear inspection routine, check your danbuoy strobe. The SOLAS strobe on the danbuoy is not manufactured to accommodate servicing. The strobe’s long life battery is permanently installed. Should the strobe fail inspection, or reach the end of its five year lifespan, replace the strobe.

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Strobe Test Procedure

The strobe has two switches. One is manually operated, labeled Off/On. The other triggers automatically on submersion. You can test the automatic switch with a wet fingertip, described below.

showing electrical contacts which cause strobe to activate on submersion

Automatic activation of dan buoy strobe

Materials Needed
A fingertip wetted with tap water
  1. Place wet fingertip across the two brass contact points circled in the image.
  2. Strobe should commence flashing.
  3. Depress switch labeled Off/On to cancel flashing.

Method of Attachment to Danbuoy

strobe and mounting clip

SOLAS strobe with retaining clip

The strobe is fastened to the danbuoy using a simple retaining clip. The clip is shown below the strobe in the adjacent photo.

Strobe Replacement Procedure

Materials Needed
A pair of pliers
  1. Gently but firmly grasp the edge of the plastic clip with the pliers.
  2. Squeeze the pliers to disengage the retaining clip. With other hand, pull strobe body upward until just clear of retaining clip.
    1. Removal may require twisting motion
  3. Repeat on opposite side.
  4. Place new strobe into position over retaining clip.
  5. Press strobe downward into position to engage both sides with the plastic retaining clip.

Product Type Certification

This strobe is EC type-certified and meets SOLAS specification for inflatable life jackets. Click to strobe EC type certification.


Check the FAQs for answers to questions about the dan buoy.


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