Danbuoy Strobe Test and Replacement

dan buoy strobe in place

Dan Buoy with SOLAS strobe

As part of your annual man overboard gear inspection routine, check your danbuoy strobe. The SOLAS strobe on the danbuoy is not manufactured to accommodate servicing. The strobe’s long life battery is permanently installed. Should the strobe fail inspection, or reach the end of its five year lifespan, replace the strobe.

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MOB Gear Inspection

SAS 101: Inspect Your MOB Gear

There may be lots of things you’d rather do, even mow the lawn. But your man overboard gear requires inspection at least once a year. Inspection is easy to do and, unlike mowing the lawn, it may save lives.

The hardest part of inspection is remembering to do it. To make it easier to remember, why not schedule inspection for the same day you move the clock forward to Daylight Time in late winter. Your next opportunity comes on 8th March 2015; add it to your calendar right now!

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