LED Headlamps Great Gifts for Boaters 2013

LED headlamp with red and white LEDs

Remix headlamp, red & white LEDs

LED headlamps are important tools on a boat because they help keep hands free. Headlamps with LEDs are especially energy efficient, thrifty on battery power, surprisingly bright. An LED headlamp helped save the life of at least one man overboard. With the 2013 gift–giving season approaching, these are wonderful gifts for the boaters in your life. We have the model at left and several others available.

LED Headlamps With Red Light or White Light?

Exposure to bright white light can temporarily compromise the eye's sensitivity in darkness. While some people are more sensitive to this phenomenon, it has an actual biological basis.

Rhodopsin in the human rods is less sensitive to the longer red wavelengths of light, so traditionally many people use red light to help preserve night vision as it only slowly depletes the eye's rhodopsin storesWikipedia

These LED headlamps come in various configurations to suit your preference, of red light or not, with high and low power, and flashing modes.

  • Remix
    • Red flood & white spot
  • Apex
    • White flood, flash & spot
  • Eos Tac
    • White spot, flash & colored lenses

Click on image to learn more and buy the respective headlamp in our online shop.

These LED headlamps will illuminate targets from 60 to 120 meters away! They come in a variety of configurations. Each has adjustable elastic headband and adjustable mounts which permit orientation of the light. Some flash, all have focused spot beam, some also have wide angle floodlight mode better suited to nearby task work. They are powered by AA or AAA size alkaline batteries and appropriate batteries are included with purchase. Rechargeable batteries are a possible upgrade. These headlamps are manufactured by Princeton Tec in the USA. Boaters will appreciate having one or more LED headlamps on board. These make great gifts!

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