Why Is CO₂ Used to Inflate Life Rafts?

520g and 33g cylinder size comparison

520g & 33g CO2 cylinders

CO2 is commonly used to inflate life rafts and inflatable life jackets because it is an inert, non-flammable, inexpensive gas which is easily obtained and cheap to manufacture worldwide. The 2 man coastal life raft and dan buoy both use CO2 inflation cylinders.

Click to learn more about carbon dioxide. Inert means the gas is non–reactive. By contrast, air, which contains O2, can cause metal parts to oxidize over time. Nitrogen, another inert gas, can alternatively be used to inflate life jackets or life rafts.

Cost Comparison of CO2 vs. N

James Wuerth, president of Kinder Morgan CO2 division, says it costs about $2.50 to $3.00 to capture, clean, and compress carbon dioxide, per thousand cubic feet. By contrast, Nitrogen gas prices range from $20 to $27.50 per 1000 cubic feet, depending on purity.

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Does Dan Buoy Satisfy US Sailing™ Equipment Requirements?


MOB pole versus dan buoy

MOB pole versus dan buoy

As of January 1st, 2014, US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements Man Overboard Equipment § 3.7.2 specifically allows the dan buoy in satisfaction of the requirement to carry a man overboard pole. Other safety gear is also required; the man overboard buoy requirement is just one requirement. The SOS Marine dan buoy also meets the ISAF World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations requirement for a man overboard buoy.

Learn more about the SOS Marine dan buoy or click to buy a dan buoy.

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Can I Mount Dan Buoy Upside Down?


dan buoy must be mounted right side up

Do not mount dan buoy upside down

The dan buoy is not engineered to be mounted upside down.

It should be mounted so that the deployment handle is up. Another way to say this is that the dan buoy needs to be mounted right side up. With handle up, it is easier to grab to readily throw the dan buoy, while also permitting water to easily drain through grommets in the bottom of the dan buoy outer sheath.

Mounting the dan buoy upside down can permit water to collect in the self-inflation mechanism, which can cause the dissolving pill to dissolve before you need it to. Mount the dan buoy right side up, with the handle upward. See the Dan Hold mounting bracket or the Dan Bag mounting bag.

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