Man Overboard Heard, Recovered – Video

shows man overboard video screen capture

Man overboard video screen capture
He’s hard enough to see in daylight from a cruise ship; how hard to see would he be from your boat?

Frank Jade was not first seen, but heard. Click through for the full story with video posted by David Hearn.

Frank Jade is a passenger who fell off of one cruise ship at sea, who was then luckily recovered by another cruise ship, five hours later. He had not yet been reported lost. The picture at the very top of page is a screen capture from Mr. Hearn’s video showing the lifeboat sent to recover Mr. Jade. See if you can spot the MOB. He is there!

Scott Campbell, a passenger on the Disney [Magic] ship, told ABC that he was on his balcony with his daughter at about 6:30 a.m. when he heard the man calling for help.

I’ll never forget the scream, Somebody help me, Campbell told the network.

Mr. Hearn’s Video of Recovery

Mr. Jade had somehow fallen from the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas in the vicinity of Cozumel, Mexico on a cruise out of Port Everglades, Florida. Mr. Campbell was aboard Disney Magic, enjoying the early morning sea vista, when he heard a voice crying for help from the water. Mr. Campbell immediately contacted ship personnel who recovered Mr. Jade. Mr. Hearn happened to overhear some commotion related to the incident and used his new iPhone to take the video you see here.

Withhold judgment about how Mr. Jade ended up in the water. Consider what Mr. Hearn’s video demonstrates about finding an unmarked man overboard, even from an elevated position on a cruise ship balcony in daylight.

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Mr. Hearn Reflects on the Experience

What are your thoughts about finding a man overboard?

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