USCG Auxiliary Directive to local vessel examiners on Sirius Signal C-1001 visual distress signal.

  • …Vessel Examiners should be aware of the capabilities and approvals of the SIRIUS SOS C-1001 electronic distress light… (continues)
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After racing thousands of offshore miles and likely more than a thousand races on the Columbia River, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Bora Bora and in Puget Sound over 30+ years, I fell off a boat for the first time. Why? How? Who cares? Here are the lessons I learned:

  • It happens in an instant no matter how experienced you are.
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Reelsling™ MOB Recovery Device

Open top view of Reelsling being withdrawn from mounting bag

Reelsling withdrawn for use to recover MOB

Reelsling is a man overboard recovery device for everyday boaters. It helps you draw an MOB back alongside a boat, then lift him back onboard. It is best suited to retrieve a fully conscious, uninjured crew day or night. It has abundant SOLAS light–reflective tape around its perimeter to enhance findability by searchlight. It has a whistle for signaling. Soft, comfy foam –filled buoy provides positive flotation and doubles as a lifting harness to help you get your crew aboard.

Key Features

  • Day / night visibility
  • Fast deployment
  • 21 pounds buoyancy
  • SOLAS light reflective tape
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • Stainless steel D–rings
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Use as lifting harness
  • Has whistle
  • 160′ floating rescue line absorbs no water
  • Light reflective strand in rescue line
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