Man Overboard Recovery Gear

MOB crew being horizontally lifted from water

New affordable SOS Marine™ Recovery Ladder™: MOB climbs ladder, or you parbuckle lift (shown)

In this article, we compare MOB recovery gear. Devices vary in ease of use and suitability for a particular rescue. Having the right gear improves odds of rescue. Practice helps too!

A soft device, rather than a swimstep or rigid boarding ladder, reduces chance of injury when the boat rolls.

Some units retrieve non–hypothermic crew by hoisting head first.1  Lifesling and Reelsling are examples of this type of device.

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After racing thousands of offshore miles and likely more than a thousand races on the Columbia River, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Bora Bora and in Puget Sound over 30+ years, I fell off a boat for the first time. Why? How? Who cares? Here are the lessons I learned:

  • It happens in an instant no matter how experienced you are.
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Man Overboard Self-Inflating Dan Buoy

inflatable dan buoy

Man overboard's best friend

This dan buoy is a proven life saver.

We are the US importer of the award winning SOS Marine self-inflating man overboard buoy, or dan buoy, from Australia. It automatically deploys upon submersion in water. To trigger deployment, just toss it into the water immediately upon losing a crew overboard. Just Throw! Within seven seconds, the buoy self–inflates. This highly visible device makes keeping track of a man overboard far easier. Click to videos, documents, and accessories.

Key Features

  • High day / night visibility
  • Fast 7 second inflation
  • Compact
  • SOLAS strobe light
  • Oversized drogue
  • ISAF World Sailing conforming
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Award winning
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MOB Gear Inspection

SAS 101: Inspect Your MOB Gear

There may be lots of things you’d rather do, even mow the lawn. But your man overboard gear requires inspection at least once a year. Inspection is easy to do and, unlike mowing the lawn, it may save lives.

The hardest part of inspection is remembering to do it. To make it easier to remember, why not schedule inspection for the same day you move the clock forward to Daylight Time in late winter. Your next opportunity comes on 8th March 2015; add it to your calendar right now!

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